Summer Rewind

This summer went by so fast. And I realize by saying that I am repeating everyone else’s mantra of the same thing, but this summer seriously flew by and I can’t believe I start my senior year of college in a week.

Though most of my summer was spent working – which was an adventure in itself – there were several celebrations, little getaways, and memories made that I thought I would share.

My roommate, Rose, graduated at the end of May, along with several other classmates I know from the English and Creative Writing programs at the UA. It was basically like a mini preview of what’s to come when I graduate next year, but it was fun to see Rose and everyone in their caps and gowns.

After, we went with Rose’s family to a restaurant called Blue Willow, which has amazing eggs benedict and a kitschy little gift shop to peruse while waiting for a table.

The next day, instead of attending the big graduation at the stadium, my roommates and I went to the Great Big World concert at the Rialto Theatre! We were the first in line and got a spot right up against the stage, which of course made the concert that much more amazing.

I went home for several weeks to celebrate my sister’s birthday and spend time with my family before I had to be back for work. Hannah turned 17 and I still can barely believe she’ll be an adult in just a year.

On June 5, I went to a special event at our movie theater to see the movie adaptation of “The Fault in Our Stars” along with a live broadcast with the author, John Green, and the cast of the movie. “The Fault in Our Stars” is my favorite book of all time, and the movie became one of my favorite movies of all time after watching it. It was simply perfect. I laughed, I cried all my makeup off, and I was reminded – as if for the first time – of that indescribable feeling I had while reading the book for the first time a few years ago.

10431885_301492383362176_952682263_n 923995_578468592273134_670768705_nThis summer I also faced one of my fears and donated blood for the first time! While I discovered what almost fainting feels like, I’m glad I went through the experience. And I found out that my blood type is A positive!

10449030_673470336059694_1317507926_nI also celebrated the Fourth of July with my Mom and sister, but that already has a blog post that you can read here!

IMG_2829_edited-1 IMG_2834_edited-1 IMG_2838_edited-1Rose, Marissa, and I also spent the weekend at Marissa’s mom’s house while she was away for the weekend. Basically her house is like a zoo – inside there’s a wild beast (Lily, the cat) and outside there are creature galore, like owls, hummingbirds, lizards, and sometimes bats. She should charge admission.

It was also the night of the super moon! This picture took a while to get, but the moon looked too cool not to capture it.

IMG_2875_edited-1Last but not least, I moved at the end of summer! While it wasn’t the most fun or relaxing experience, I am so glad to be out of an apartment complex and into a real house. Elphie, my roommate Chelsea’s cat, at least had a nice time relaxing amongst our boxes upon boxes as we packed up the kitchen and everything else.

The summer may be over, and I may not have spent it doing something out-of-this-world like backpacking through Europe or vacationing in the Bahamas, but it was definitely spent productively and celebrating life’s little moments.


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