My 21st Birthday!

This weekend I celebrated a huge milestone birthday – my 21st! Considering I’ve been living with over 21 roommates for nearly two years now, I have been eager to join the legions of legal drinkers. And since I was the last of us to turn 21, that means we could all go out and celebrate together.

We all got dressed to the nines and looked gorgeous, if I do say so myself. Chelsea’s (far right) friend Dung was also with us (and the photographer of these pictures) and was our chauffeur – I mean, designated driver for the night.

10614195_10152460904848355_5463580880565079124_nI absolutely adored my outfit for the night. My dress was from Forever 21 and my shoes I got on sale a year ago at Payless. Who says thrifty can’t look fancy? I also had to accessorize with a little ribbon that said, “21 and Ready for Some Fun!” because I won’t ever get the opportunity again!

The first place we went was for dinner and drinks, called Saint House Island & Rum Bar. The food was amazing – I got a seared ahi tuna salad and the taro chips and guacamole were amazing. My first drink was called the Kingston Heights (pictured below), and was pretty delicious (and strong!). I also tried their mai tai later, but that was really strong and distributed around the table.

 We spent the night exploring the different bars/clubs of downtown Tucson. We went to Hi Fi, which had milkshake cocktails and amazing fried zucchini, then Hotel Congress, which was pretty crowded and had a bit of an older crowd, and my favorite place, Playground, which had music on the rooftop and a nice bartender to boot. I tried a drink called the “Juicey Juice,” which was made with grape soda and pop rocks. We ended the night at the HUB, just to kinda cool down before making the painful trek back to the car in our heels.

The next day I drove home to celebrate with my family! The first night I went to the Melting Pot with my Mom and sister, and although I’ve been before, the food is just as incredible every time. The little display they had with the dessert (flaming turtle chocolate – yum!) was adorable.

IMG_3042_edited-1 IMG_3057_edited-1 IMG_3059_edited-1Although everything about the Melting Pot is good – the cheese fondue, the main meal, and dessert – the whole thing would be worth it just for the chocolate fondue. With dessert I got a Yin & Yang martini, which was beautiful and delicious – basically just a light milkshake (since it is blended with ice cream).

As if my taste buds weren’t already spoiled enough, I got treated to one of the most luxurious meals of my life at Ruth’s Chris with my Dad, Wendy, Mimi, and my sister. I had been hearing about how amazing the steak was from my parents for years, and I was so excited to experience it myself. Needless to say, I wasn’t disappointed.

My drink was a raspberry rosemary cosmo, which was super sweet and therefore perfect. I followed with a filet mignon with a bleu cheese crust, and the only words to describe it were Oh. My. God.

10559708_10152460604788355_8482256993786662122_nI shared a creme brulee with my Dad for dessert, which was almost as good as the steak. Everything about Ruth’s Chris is just perfection (and with the price tag, it better be!)

Most of all – as sappy as it sounds – I’m just glad I got to spend my birthday with my friends and family I love the most. They all spoiled me with gifts and affection and I felt like the luckiest, happiest birthday girl.



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