DIY Terrarium

I’m happy to say I finally tackled my first do-it-yourself “gardening” project and created my own mini terrarium! I have been wanting to make one for a while now, but since my old apartment complex didn’t allow live plants, I had to wait until I moved elsewhere. I think they’re a cute, colorful way to bring the outdoors inside, and for a newbie like me, they’re easy to maintain because cacti and succulents are resilient and hard to kill.

What you’ll need:

A glass container or vase to pot the plants in

Various cacti and succulents

IMG_3080_edited-1Rocks or sand to line the bottom and/or for decoration

Spanish moss or sheet moss (I thought the sheet moss looked nicer)

IMG_3081_edited-1Cactus potting soil


The glass bowl I found at Home Goods, the cacti, succulents, and potting soil were from Home Depot, and I found the moss and rocks in the craft section of Wal-Mart.


  1. Line the bottom of your container with a layer of rocks or sand. This will act as drainage for your plants when you water them.
  2. Add a small layer of cactus soil on top of the rocks. Don’t overdo it, since you will have to add more soil when you place your plants so they are fully covered.
  3. Decide on the placement of your plants and CAREFULLY place them in the container. The succulents won’t be as hard to handle, but the cacti can definitely hurt you if you don’t use a thick paper towel or gloves to place them in the soil.
  4. Cover the remaining roots of the plants with soil. They should be covered as far as they were originally in the potted container they came in.
  5. Add decorations, such as moss, rocks, or other cute trinkets. And you’re done!

I like the way mine turned out, and I’m glad I went with five cacti/succulents, cause any more would have looked crowded. I will look for a little toy animal or bug to add in there, but for now I think it will be a pretty addition to my new room!

IMG_3088_edited-1 IMG_3090_edited-1WARNING: I do not recommend doing this outside, if at all possible. I made the mistake of doing this in my backyard to avoid cleanup inside my house, and I basically got eaten alive by mosquitoes as I was doing it. No joke, I ran inside halfway through and put on pants and boots so the little buggers would stay off of me. You have been warned.

Now, excuse me while I go admire my terrarium and slather my entire body in anti-itch cream.


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