Friday Night Lights

Since it’s my senior and final year as an undergrad at the University of Arizona, I decided I should invest the money into purchasing a ZonaZoo pass because a. I didn’t go at all last year, and b. I’ve yet to go to a basketball game, which is basically a crime after being at U of A for three years now.

I went with my roommate, Marissa, and best friend from high school, Alex, and after failing to scope out a new restaurant called Pizza Studio for dinner due to running late, we settled in near the south end zone (I think). We were right next to the marching band, which I have a forever fondness for after playing clarinet and being a drum major in high school. We called our section the “chill” section, for us not-as-insane football fans who don’t want to be judged for sitting (or leaving) during the middle of the game.

I’ll admit that I’m not that into sports of any kind, but I can really get into a game if I’m watching intently, which I definitely was, as I brought my DSLR and had every intention of practicing some action shots during the game. I think I managed to succeed, and got a good amount of shots for staying halfway through the third quarter. Good news for the Wildcats – we won in a blowout 58 to 13!

IMG_3100_edited-1 IMG_3149_edited-1 IMG_3157_edited-1 IMG_3203_edited-1 IMG_3222 IMG_3225_edited-1 IMG_3235_edited-1 IMG_3243_edited-1 IMG_3246_edited-1 IMG_3257_edited-1


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