Zoo Afternoon

My roommate Marissa and I decided to go to the Reid Park Zoo in Tucson on Labor Day! It’s a tiny zoo but only about five minutes away from our house, so it’s crazy that I hadn’t gone before today. I really wanted to see the hedgehogs, but those only come out for special events apparently. Despite my infinite sadness, we did get to see the other thing we came for – the baby elephant born only a few weeks ago! As far as babies go, she was pretty huge, but as far as elephants go, she was teeny tiny!

IMG_3290_edited-1 IMG_3294_edited-1 IMG_3318_edited-1 IMG_3337_edited-1 IMG_3366_edited-1 IMG_3376_edited-1 IMG_3378_edited-1 IMG_3401_edited-1 IMG_3408_edited-1 IMG_3416_edited-1 IMG_3428_edited-1 IMG_3434_edited-1 IMG_3351_edited-1


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