My Top 5 “Beauty” YouTubers

I could survive without cable as long as I have access to two things: Netflix and YouTube. Over the past several years, YouTube has become one of my go-to modes of entertainment and my favorite way to unwind after a long day at work or school (or work AND school). It’s also the platform where I’ve learned so much about the beauty industry and all the tips and tricks I use to do my hair and makeup every day. I’m also obsessed with vlogs and all thing home decor and each of these girls has a wide variety of videos aside from just hauls and get ready with mes. My perfect girls night out or slumber party would be with these five ladies, who not only entertain, but inspire me every day.

Claire Marshall | heyclaire

Claire is a badass with a heart of gold who makes a full sleeve of tattoos look like a second skin. The best part about her videos is her editing – every video is a piece of art, each quick cut made with care. She takes the common videos like shoe collections or favorite lipsticks and takes them to a whole other level. She’s somebody who’s both intimidating and comforting at the same time, which I didn’t know was possible. My friend Izzy actually met Claire during NYFW, and needless to say I’m jealous!

Estée | essiebutton

Estée is a combination of candid and awkward in the best way possible. She doesn’t follow conventions (she’s a Canadian living in London) and that’s what I love about her. I feel like if you sat down to have coffee with Estée, you’d talk about both beauty and fashion as well as examine that gross thing on your shoe and your current period problems. I love her vlogs with her boyfriend and greyhound, and I really wish I could have the effortless “I do what I want” attitude that she exudes so humbly in her videos. She does everything from home ware hauls to tutorials to non-beauty favorites, and she has an amazing blog to boot.

Ingrid Nilsen | missglamorazzi

I want to be Ingrid’s best friend, plain and simple. I’ve felt that way for years, ever since I discovered her videos and was captivated by her adorable personality. She is full of light and laughter and it shows in everything she does. Her videos are everything from food to fashion to organization to hauls, and I love every single one of them. She’s so inspiring, and every once in a while she’ll post a heart-to-heart that always brings me to tears and makes me feel lucky to have happened upon such a wonderful young woman.

Rachel Whitehurst | 87daysbefore

“Internet personality and cursing enthusiast” is an apt description for Rachel’s channel. I’ve been watching her back in her webcam dorm room filming days, and I’m pretty sure she’s the reason I started wearing winged eyeliner. As a fellow potty mouth, it’s refreshing to see someone who throws popular opinions and “pardon my French” out the window and just says exactly what she wants to say. She’s body positive and not afraid to be bold in both her videos and her beauty routine.

Zoe Sugg | Zoella

Considering she has nearly 6 million subscribers, it’s hard to say what hasn’t already been said about Zoe. She’s cute and quirky and can somehow rock both footie pajamas and skintight black vinyl leggings. I admire Zoe for all the amazing looks she can pull, from orange to vampy lips and messy buns to gorgeous curls. She has so many subscribers probably because she acts like your virtual best friend that can cheer you up with just her smile and her laugh. Plus, she’s coming out with her own novel this November, which is SO COOL and shows the power of YouTube in the world of publishing.


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