Cake for Dinner

There is no doubt that I have a huge sweet tooth. And yesterday, both Marissa and I were craving cupcakes, so we took to Yelp! and searched bakeries in Tucson. Although it didn’t have cupcakes, we found Sugar Sweet Bakery, which is close to our house and looked to be packed with sugary goodness.


Before you even walk in, you’re struck by how adorable this little shop is. It has the classic feel you’d hope to get from stepping inside a store of sweets, but with a quirky edge that makes it entirely unique.



Though they didn’t have any cupcakes, they had so may different kinds of cookies and a few cakes to choose from. Both  Marissa and I got a whopping slice of the chocolate cake, and for only $4 a slice!

IMG_0031 IMG_0034IMG_0033

Sugar Sweet Bakery also had these cute little knick knacks for sale, like keychains and plush toys. I thought these kissing puppy salt-and-pepper shakers were too cute!

I didn’t get a picture of my cake because I ate it in the dingy light of my living room, but considering I literally could not stop eating it and it turned from dessert into dinner, trust me when I say it was worth more than $4.

If you live in Tucson and want to visit a cute, unique bakery that gives you a bang for your buck, Sugar Sweet Bakery is the place to see.



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