Shakespeare in the Park

In my more naive days when I thought I would be spending my summer in New York City with a fabulous internship, I made a list of “Things to do in NYC.” On that list? Shakespeare in the Park. I’m a Shakespeare fan girl and took an entire year of Shakespeare classes my junior year, and it was nice  to get to see a play performed live for once instead of just reading off the page. This performance of King Lear was pretty great, as far as evil sisters and deaths-upon-deaths go.

It was the first social event of a club I’ve been a part of for a few years called Persona here at the University of Arizona, and we publish a literary magazine of undergraduate work every year. Even though only board members and friends of ours showed up, it was a pretty great time, even if our butts started to hurt by the end of it.

IMG_3556_edited-1 IMG_3585 IMG_3613_edited-1 IMG_3624_edited-1 IMG_3626_edited-1 IMG_3634_edited-1 IMG_3650_edited-1 IMG_3655_edited-1 IMG_3661_edited-1 IMG_3678_edited-1I know there’s a production of Othello (which I LOVE) at the UA next semester, so hopefully I’ll get some more Shakespeare in my life soon.


One thought on “Shakespeare in the Park

  1. bulkington27 says:

    Thanks for the review! King Lear is one of my favorite plays. You might enjoy watching this discussion of the play and man’s dual nature. The YouTube channel also seems dedicated to producing Shakespeare content in general.


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