Current Beauty Favorites

Long time, no blog! I apologize to the few followers of this blog for my absence – I’ve been getting over a nasty upper respiratory infection that was bound to take me down at some point this fall/winter, but luckily I am back and on the mend.

blog1Since it’s a bit too late to do October favorites, I figured I’d share the things I’ve been loving recently, over the past few weeks as the weather has (kind of?) gotten cooler.


Maybelline Color Sensational Creamy Matte Lipsticks

How many times can I mention this gorgeous lipsticks until I start to annoy myself? Maybelline just hit it out of the park with this formula that has a completely matte finish but doesn’t feel drying on the lips. In fact, they have a nice slip to them even as you where them throughout the day, and the more I wear them the more colors I want.

Add a little bit of body text

The two I do have are Touch of Spice and Divine Wine. Both are perfect for fall, with Touch of Spice more of an everyday color and Divine Wine something to add drama to a simple eye look for night (not that that should restrict anyone from wearing this on the daily!). Touch of Spice is also that Kylie Jenner lip-alike that’s a throwback to the ’90s, and I love it.


Deep Red and Berry Nail Polishes

I’ve been loving the dark nail look as we go into winter, and I’ve been wearing both OPI In the Cable Car-Pool Lane and Essie Bordeaux to achieve that look. Both formulas go on well, but OPI is more forgiving if you need to do multiple coats at once (Essie tends to bubble up if you don’t wait for the first coat to completely dry). In the Cable Car-Pool Lane is more blue-toned and berry in color, and Bordeaux is a deep, rich red.


Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Brow Mascara in Soft Brown

I’ve seen mixed reviews on this product (mostly due to its applicator), but I personally like it, especially considering it’s the first brow gel I’ve ever actually used. Typically I fill in my brows with powder and an angled brush, but adding this as an extra step locks them in all day and gives more texture to the brow hairs, making them look like, well, eyebrows! The tip of the wand is really big for reasons I don’t understand, but if you use a light hand it’s easy to apply.


Batiste Dry Shampoo – Floral and Flirty Blush

What did I do before I had this dry shampoo in my life?! I freakin love this stuff, and after trying several cheaper drugstore dry shampoos that either would not brush out or left my scalp feeling like there was sand all over it, I am never going back from Batiste. This is the only scent I’ve tried, but it’s very light and I have no complaints. It’s easy to brush out and gives the hair texture without leaving it feeling gritty and gross. I like to use this to make my second or first-day hair look fresher and add volume, or I will put a generous amount through my hair and sleep on it overnight so it can soak up the oils from the day before (if I’m having a particularly dirty hair day).


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