Goals for 2015


Rather than making impossible-to-keep New Year’s Resolutions, I decided this year to take a different approach, partially inspired by essiebutton, to create concrete goals for the new year. I’ve also heard that you are more likely to accomplish your goals if you write them down, and I felt that my blog was a perfect place to share my goals for 2015.

1. Graduate from college.

This one is a bit of a given, considering this is my final semester of my senior year and I’m completely on track to graduate on time. But even so, I’m including it as a goal because it will be the culmination of my entire academic career, unless I decide to go to graduate school later in life. I’m so excited to finish school and get out in the “real world,” no matter how scary that might be.

2. Get accepted into a summer publishing institute.

While I’m not going to grad school for a degree, I am going to be applying to summer programs at several universities that introduce you to the publishing industry and allow you to network and learn about publishing from real professionals. I have to begin my applications very soon and I’m really hoping that I’ll be able to get my career started in one of these programs.

3. Get a full-time job (hopefully in publishing).

Graduating is exciting, but holy moly is it terrifying. No longer will I have student loans to fall back on, and to me, graduation marks the metaphorical separation from financial dependency on my parents. My second goal is a precursor and step towards this goal, but even I don’t get a job in publishing, I want to find a full-time job that will pay the bills (and trips to Target).

4. Move to New York City.

This is the big one. Everyone I’ve spoke with who has some connection to the publishing industry says the same thing: you have to move to New York. Yes, it’s the most expensive city in the U.S., and yes, I will very far away from my family, but if I don’t try to make it now, I never will. I’m young and have nothing to lose, and I’m hoping this will be the year I make the move to the Big Apple.

5. Stop being a flake.

I hate when people cancel on me, but I’m guilty of this more than anyone else. I’ll be so excited to do something and then my introversion/anxiety will kick in and I will back out at the last minute. Not cool, Mia, not cool. I want to be better at sticking to my word and not letting down people I’ve promised my time to.

6. Quit bad habits.

I bite my nails and scratch my head mindlessly whenever I am bored or my mind wanders. Basically, I need to find an outlet of something to do with my hands whenever I find myself doing either of these things, because though there are worse habits, neither of these are cute (and I miss wearing nail polish!).

7. Read 25 books.

When I was initially thinking about how I want to read more this year, I wanted to make the goal to read 50 books. 50 books would be one book a week for the year, minus two weeks. Considering I only read 10 books last year (excluding books from my classes), I think 50 is a bit overambitious, but 25 is definitely comfortable. If you want, you can join me on GoodReads for the challenge and set your own book goal.

8. Save more money.

Even though I’m aware of my spending, I’m horrible at saving money. I don’t have that much disposable income, but I need to work on cutting back my extraneous spending and save money for the goals I want to accomplish this year (see: moving to the most expensive city in America). If you have any tips on how to save money on an extremely tight poor college student budget, please let me know!

9. Grow my blog.

I almost forgot this one and had to add it in! I neglected my blog towards the end of last  year and want to be more consistent with blogging this year. I would like to turn it into a business or at least something to make some pocket change off of since writing, beauty, books, and other reviews are my passions. I also want to take the plunge and buy my domain name as well as getting a custom web design.

What are your goals or resolutions for 2015? Please leave me any tips or experience on accomplishing any of my above goals.


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