How to Organize a Small Makeup Collection


Even though I didn’t make it one of my goals for 2015, I got sick of looking at the makeup all over my vanity (I mean, desk…) and the previous three-drawer storage I had just wasn’t cutting it. Luckily my desk, which is from IKEA, has a big drawer that is just tall enough to fit small baskets for makeup storage. I was using it roughly as a junk drawer before, and I decided to get some organizers and put the space to good use.

I was able to find the little bins at Target in the dollar section for $3 each. Each set came with one large bin, two rectangular bins, and three small square containers. All the containers interlock, just not very well. You get what you pay for. But for someone like me who has a small makeup collection (or what I consider to be small among beauty guru standards), this storage solution works perfect for me, and I can get past a little wiggle room between the containers.
angle2 detail3

I organized each of my products by their corresponding sections. Foundations, concealers, powder, and face primer all went in one of the big bins, with bronzers and blushes beside them in one of the rectangular organizers. I put single eyeshadows and small eyeshadow palettes in three of the square containers. angle detail2

I used the majority of my rectangular organizers for longer items, which I also divided into sections. I put lip pencils and larger lip crayons and glosses together. Next to that are my everyday most used eye products: mascara, liquid and pencil eyeliner, an eyebrow pencil, and eyeshadow primer. The other bin with eye products are less used: shadow sticks, extra liquid liner, etc.

I used the three squares to the the left for nightly face products that were small enough to fit.lipstick

Of course, the bin with the most products has to be my lipstick bin. In the future I want to get a proper lipstick holder, but for now my collection can all be contained and seen easily in one of this organizers. And luckily there’s still room for more!

In the small section of my drawer behind the containers I store my brush roll and extra makeup bags (mostly ipsy).

Because my drawer isn’t big enough for all my everyday makeup essentials, I keep the rest on my desk. My brushes are in an old Typo pencil cup that I got on clearance, and the desk organizer is from Target. In it I keep setting spray, my daily moisturizer, makeup wipes, and of course, my eyeshadow palettes. Even though this takes up some room on my desk, it’s a lot less cluttered now that I’ve transitioned my makeup to its hiding place under the desk.

I hope I gave you some new year inspiration to clean out your cluttered makeup collection and potentially utilized unused space in your room. Even for a small makeup collection, it’s crazy how out-of-control the mess can become when I’m having too much fun playing with products.


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