10 Things I Love About Living in New York City

I was lucky enough to spend this summer in New York City while attending the NYU Summer Publishing Institute in June and July. After living there for over two months, I began to feel a bit more like a “local” than a “tourist,” and during one of the last nights in my dorm room – a beautiful corner bedroom in the Gramercy neighborhood – I wrote a list of my favorite things about the city. Here is what I wrote.

1. There are cute dogs everywhere.

I have never seen a larger population of French bulldogs than in the city.

2. You can practically get any food you want, any time you want.


The best crepes come from a hole in the wall after midnight.

3. Walking and taking public transportation almost everywhere = never having to drive, park, or pay for gas.


God bless the subway, even when it’s disgusting and packed full of sweaty people.

4. Knowing how to navigate the city is like learning a new language.


It’s a language of streets and avenues, uptown and downtown, and becoming fluent means you’re a true New Yorker.

5. Every turn you take leads to a place unlike any you’ve ever seen before.


And sometimes it’s a place you’ve only seen on the Internet.

6. Parks, waterfront views, beaches, museums – all accessible via walking or subway.


And there’s more to see than just Central Park (like Battery Park, above).

7. You can window shop for you dream apartment on the daily.


Why yes I did google that East Village apartment, and yes I did cry at the rent price.



The best and cheapest thing you’ll eat in the city.

9. Art is everywhere you go.


Street art like this is just a normal part of the commute.

10. You can always find something beautiful in New York, even in the most unexpected places.


The city always shines, even during the rain.


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