October Beauty Favorites


For the first time in forever (*cue “Frozen” music*) I was able to try out some new beauty products! Finally having a part-time job and now full-time job (!!!) after being unemployed since graduation definitely meant I had to treat myself to some new goodies, and what I did buy did not disappoint.

My first fall lipstick purchase was the Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss Lipstick in #107, which was definitely inspired by uber-blogger/vlogger Zoella who has raved about it for ages. It’s the perfect mid-tone mix of red and berry that is a great “beginner shade” to transition into fall. It’s a satin finish, and not the longest wearing, but it feels extremely comfortable on the lips and you aren’t worried it’s going to move around throughout the day.

I wandered in to an Ulta store at the beginning of the month, and fortunately for me – but unfortunately for my wallet – I found and bought the Lorac Mega Pro Palette 2, and it’s all I’ve used since I bought it.  It has the perfect mix of matte and shimmer shades, my favorite of which are Forest, Goji, Prosecco, Soft Plum, and Olivine. The shades are super blendable and there’s enough variety for tons of different looks. This is the only Lorac Pro palette that I own, so I can’t say if this is better than the others, but I definitely recommend it for anyone who has been craving the well-deserved hype of the Lorac Pro formulas.

My favorite blush for the past several years has been the Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Exposed, but sadly I hit major pan and the rest of the compact crumbled and began to fall apart. I looked to the drugstore for a similar replacement, and have been using the Milani Romantic Rose Blush nearly every day since. I wouldn’t say they’re exact dupes, but the color gives a similar natural flush to the cheeks with its dusty pink shade and matte finish. If a $28 Tarte blush isn’t in your budget, I definitely recommend picking up one of these Milani blushes instead.

I’ve been wanting to try Lush skincare for a while now but honestly I’ve always been overwhelmed at the options and not sure how natural skincare would work for me. The Mask of Magnaminty is a cult favorite, and now I know why! It smells like mint chocolate chip and leaves your skin feeling tingly, soft, and best of all clean. I have definitely noticed a difference in this mask reducing the severity of small acne spots I’ve had, and overall I think it’s a nice treat for your skin a few times a week.

Last but not least is my new body wash, the Bath and Body Works Sensual Amber Shower Gel. The scent of this is divine, a mixture of sweet and musky and perfect for the fall and winter, or as B&BW describes it, the Sensual Amber line has “The scent of lotus petals & golden amber surrounded by creamy sandalwood.” It’s amazing, and a must-have for those who want a cold-weather fragrance that isn’t too sickly sweet.

What have you been loving throughout October?


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